Wallpapering in Las Vegas, NV

Wallpapering is a great way to finish your wall out.  We have been hanging wallpaper ever since we started our drywall business, several decades ago.  We remove wall paper too. Wallpaper is a smart choice in wall finishing.  It is timeless.  It was first used centuries ago and is still being used in fashion-forward homes and commercial settings today. Wallpaper allows you to put your personal stamp on your project.  There are tons of textures to choose from.  From grass-like texture to wooden textures and everything in between, you can bring in the outdoors or go with smooth, shiny, metallic, or practically any other feel you’d like. 

You can go with any color scheme you want and opt for any pattern too like floral, contemporary, traditional, rustic, and so much more.  Some wallpapers have fabrics or ready-made comforters and curtains that match them or blend with them available. Wallpaper is durable.  It can withstand heavy traffic, children, the messes a kitchen brings to the table, and most everything else you can dish out.  While paint can chip and become dull in a short time, wallpaper lasts a long time before it needs any attention.

Wallpaper is very economical.  You can choose within your desired price range.  Once it’s up, there’s no more expense to it unlike many other wall treatments. There’s a good reason that wallpaper has been around throughout the years.  It is absolutely awesome.  It can be hung and enjoyed for years.

You’ll be able to bring in your decorating scheme with your wallpaper.  If you want to make the room nostalgic, choose nostalgic wallpaper.  If you want to get creative, get creative.  You can mix and match, add borders on the top or bottom, and apply other features such as trim board or accents.  Some people even have custom wallpaper made.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the look and feel you can achieve with wallpaper treatment.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a surface that’s easier to care for than wallpaper.  Simply wipe it off it something gets on it.  Most are waterproof too.  You can choose between all sorts of surfaces on your wallpaper too. While wallpaper looks like it is easy to hang, it’s not.  First, the surface beneath it must be perfectly smooth.  Then, heavy rolls have to be applied with wallpaper paste unless they have self-adhesive.  Either way, there’s no room for error.  The paper starts sticking the minute you get it on.  You’d better know what you’re doing…or, hire someone who does.

Wallpaper removal is quite a chore too. You can’t just peel it off.  Sometimes, heat has to be applied to get it off.  It can be a timely, painstaking process.  We are as good as taking it off as we are at putting it on and that’s pretty good.  We are pros. If you’re look for an expert drywall contractor in Las Vegas or Henderson, we’re happy to take care of all your wallpapering needs.  Just give us a shout.