Drywall Sanding & Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

When the taping and mudding is complete, some contractors (and do-it-yourselfers) are tempted to call the project done.  We know that’s not the case at all though.  Doing a drywall project correctly requires patience and over the years, we’ve developed a lot of it.  We don’t stop until the sanding and cleaning are completed to perfection.  That’s just one of the many thing that sets us apart from the amateurs. 

We know that meticulous attention to the final details will render your drywall project flawless and smooth.  That’s why we do it! The drywall process is a messy one.  Joint compound tends to get all over everything and it’s rough and gritty which is not good for the finished product.  We take great care to sand out all the rough spots to make the surface perfectly smooth.  But…we don’t stop there. Sanding also produces…sand.  Gritty and fine, the particles can get in places you’d never expect.  We thoroughly clean the entire surface of your drywall project to ensure not one single spec of sanding product is left. Once the surface is squeaky clean and as smooth as glass, it’s ready for the finishing touches.

Sanding involves more than most people realize. If you don’t sand enough, you end up with a rough surface.  If you sand too much, you can sand the paper off of the drywall board.  It’s a job best left up to experts like us.

Types of Sanding

Wet Sanding is a process that is implemented in order to produce less dust.  It is commonly used in places where creating a lot of dust would be a problem – such as a medical facility or place, like a restaurant, that is to remain open or partially open during the construction phase. 

Dry Sanding is the most common type of sanding that is used with drywall.  Unless you have a reason not to, dry sanding will most likely be your best way to go although it does create a good bit of dust

Sanding is messy, no matter if it’s done by the wet method or the dry.  We are your local drywall professionals.  We clean up our mess and leave the area spotless, not only in order to make the drywall surface optimal to work with, but because we are just that way.  We believe in total respect when it comes to our customers and their residences or work places.  We take pride in leaving any place we work cleaner than it was before we got there. When you want your sanding and cleaning completed to perfection, call the perfectionists.  We stop at nothing to ensure your drywall sanding and cleaning are carried out to our strict standards.  Don’t take chances.  Make sure your drywall project is the best from start to finish.