Drywall Plastering in Las Vegas, NV

Plaster is a substance that is used to cover walls and ceilings instead of using drywall.  There are times the two are even used together for a customized look and feel. We offer expert at plastering services in Las Vegas, NV which says a lot for us.  Plastering is an art that is acquired over years of experience.  Plastering is a difficult task.  We are happy to say that we have mastered what it takes to plaster a wall or ceiling with the perfect touches, bringing beautiful veneers to your home or commercial space.

Benefits of Plaster

Although plaster isn’t as common as drywall is, it can bring a gorgeous, unique appearance to the room.  Drywall is easier to install because it comes in sheets that are fairly simple to work with when you know what you are doing.  Plaster can be messy and applying it requires precise craftsman ship. Some prefer plaster over drywall.  Here’s why:

Fireproof.  Plaster is basically flame-retardant so it adds a layer of safety to your home or workplace.

Noise.  Plaster cuts down on noise pollution because it is thicker than the mudding substance that is used on drywall.  It can be applied even thicker than usual if you need extra noise-resistance.  If your teen is into guitar or your commercial space backs up to a warehouse, a little extra plastering may be a good option for you to consider. 

Durable.  Plaster is very strong and durable.  It lasts for years and can stand up to tremendous wear, tear, and abuse. 

Maintenance.  There is practically nothing that you are required to do for plastered walls once they are up.  In the event that any of the surface becomes chipped or cracked, repairs can be made in an affordable and easy manner.  They can be patched or even filled in and repaired.

Easy to Clean.  One of the best things about plaster work is that they are washable.  Simple wipe off any spots and allow the wall or ceiling to dry naturally. For tough spots, use a household cleaner. 

Cost Effective.  Plaster is affordable and given that little to no maintenance is ever needed on it, it can make it a wise choice, financially.

Less Mold.  If you live near a creek, river, lake, or ocean, plaster may be a wise option for you.  It is much less likely to mold than drywall is.

Less Bugs and Rodents.  Plaster is a material that rodents and bugs have more trouble getting into than drywall.  If you have a bug or rodent issue in your home or commercial space, plaster is an alternative that can help you claim your space back. 

We not only offer plastering on new builds, we patch ad repair plaster too. To bring new life to old-looking walls and ceilings, you can have them refinished with plaster. If you are considering plastering for your project, be sure to give us a call.  We are happy to let you know exactly how we can help.