Drywall Mudding in Las Vegas, NV

Mudding is the use of drywall joint compound to glue and smooth the drywall tape that connects the sheets of drywall together once the wall treatment you’ve chosen has been applied. These drywall mudding services in Las Vegas are simply unmatched.  

The primary purpose of the first application of mudding compound is to adhere the tape to the surface while the other coats serve to smooth over the tape, nail holes, and rough areas.  If mudding isn’t applied and smooth near perfectly, your wall is not going to look good.  In fact, the work will look shoddy. Mudding is not as easy as you may think.  Many homeowners attempt to do the job themselves or hire an inexperienced individual or drywall company at a “bargain” price.  The results are almost always a disaster.

At Las Vegas Drywall Contractors, we are highly skilled in all phases of drywall.  We know that the process of mudding is arguably the most important…and the most difficult.  We bring years of experience and knowledge to the table and are pros when it comes to the art of mudding. Every member of our drywall team is highly skilled at applying and smoothing mud in a manner that make your walls look seamless, just as they should be.  You can trust our team on any residential or commercial project.  We get it right because we are perfectionists at what we do.


Mudding New Drywall

Mudding is required when installing brand new drywall such as in new construction of a structure or a when a wall is added during a major remodeling project.  When drywall is freshly hung, a drywall installer who is skilled in the craft can apply tape and mud and have it smoothed over in a short time frame.  The goal is always to work steady and quickly so the mudding is consistent and seamless.

Mudding Drywall Repairs

Mudding is used in drywall repairs too.  There are four main categories of repairs that require the use of mud to properly fix them. They are:

  • Pings and dents can generally be repaired just by administering mud onto the surface.
  • Small holes, like those running 2-3 inches, are typically repaired by applying mud over a mesh patch. Several coats of mud are usually needed.
  • Medium holes of around 6 inches or more call for drywall to be used in order to fill in the space. The repair generally takes 2-3 coats of mud.
  • Large holes are repaired with drywall that is attached to the existing drywall with screws and joint tape. The work is then covered by several coats of mud.

Once the repairs have been made, the mud should be sanded so smoothly there is no evidence that the dent, ping, or hole ever existed. High quality work and top-of-the-line materials are what sets the pros apart from the amateurs when it comes to drywall mudding.  We ensure our drywall compound mudding is the best of the best.  We are highly experienced at what we do so you never have to worry that your walls will look rough and cheap. For all your drywall needs, residential or commercial, trust our skilled pros to do your project to perfection.