Drywall Delivery in Las Vegas, NV

At Las Vegas Drywall Contractors, we’ve been providing drywall delivery services in Las Vegas for over two decades.  We understand that not everyone has a delivery truck or a vehicle that is appropriate to transport drywall.  Whether you are using us, another drywall installation company, or are doing the project yourself, we are happy to deliver your drywall to you. When you are using our drywall installation service, delivery is always included so you’ll have one less headache to deal with in your repair, remodel, or new build.

Drywall is very fragile before it is on the wall with tape, mudding, and paint on it.  The core is made of Gypsum which can easily crumble.  The outsides are constructed of paper.  Moisture can get on the board and ruin it.  One slam of the brakes can crush it.  If you want your drywall to get to its destination safe and in one piece and live in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, be sure to call us. It’s imperative for your drywall to be scheduled to be delivered when the weather is just right.  Rain or heavy humidity could spell disaster for it.  We are patient people at Las Vegas Drywall Contractors.  We respect the importance of the weather cooperating in order to ensure your drywall is delivered in great condition so your project can go smoothly.

We recommend setting your delivery a few days before you expect the work to start.  That allows the drywall to acclimate to the temperature that it will be placed in.  Typically, a bit of swelling and shrinking goes along with the acclimation.  Giving the material time to “do its thing” is highly advised.  Otherwise, you may experience cracks in between the boards and no one wants that.

Benefits of Drywall Delivery

When it comes to getting your drywall to the job, depend on the pros at LVDC.  Here’s why:

  • We are reliable and will get your drywall to you in good shape.
  • We don’t rush the delivery and are prepared to deliver when the weather is right.
  • You can strain your back or body when carrying loads you aren’t used to lifting.
  • You won’t have to rent or borrow a truck if you don’t have one.
  • In delivering your drywall, we take stress off of you at a time that can be difficult to manage.

When you turn to Las Vegas Drywall Contractors for your drywall delivery, you can expect the same excellence in service as we deliver in all other areas of our business. If you are having your drywall delivered and aren’t going to be home, leave specific instructions to the handlers such as where to leave the goods.  Prepare a spot that is as far out of the elements as possible.  Allow enough space for the boards to be stacked as they will be less likely to curl.  If you are trusting Las Vegas Drywall Contractors for your delivery, we will work with you when possible to deliver your load when you are home even if we have to go out of our way.